Committee​ Positions

Are you are a first-year partner and interested in being in the Partners’ Club Leadership Team next year? Below are the available positions with their descriptions. If interested please complete this FORM by Sunday, February 18th.

If interest exceeds available committee positions, there will be an election during the week of February 26th and a mandatory reporting deadline of Monday, March 5th. In the event of an election, candidates will have to provide a slide of their background and explain why they would like to have the position.

Social Media and Marketing Chair (one position) 

The Social Media and Marketing Chair is responsible for planning all activities and programs related to club marketing including on social media.  These responsibilities include:

  • Managing club marketing
  • Organizing club swag to hand out during Club Day.
  • Maintaining and/or updating club website, club Facebook page and Instagram account with club events, news and promotional activities.
  • Designing publicity materials
  • Handling Club photography – taking photos of club events and posting on club social media accounts (website, Facebook, and Instagram).
  • This position works in close partnership with the Co-Presidents and Social Committee and Newsletter Chair in these endeavors.

Social Committee (up to 3 positions)

The Social Committee is responsible for the planning and hosting of all social events.  Responsibilities include:

  • Researching venues
  • Contacting event coordinators for event pricing and availability
  • Submitting event contracts to the hosting venue
  • Managing the event logistics: issuing payment to the hosting venue, keeping track of ticket sales
  • Coordinating with CFO on setting up ticket sales (e.g. EventBrite/Paypal)
  • Publishing event details (Evite invitations, club emails, etc.)
  • Promoting events to club members through Facebook, emails etc.
  • Managing the Social Committee budget (track spending and redistribute funds where necessary)
  • Answering member questions regarding event logistics
  • Overseeing activities on event day

Newsletter Chair (one position)

The Newsletter Chair is responsible for sending weekly newsletters to the club with events happening in the Partners Club and throughout HBS.  Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with all committees to get their updates
  • Sorting through and highlighting events at HBS to determine the most pertinent events for partners


Thank you and we hope you join our team!