End of the year

To celebrate the end of the year, we had our last event at Harpoon Brewery, one of Boston most famous brewery. A tour of the brewery was made and we had unlimited beer and pretzels. It was a good event to say goodbye to our EC friends and to celebrate the half of the journey with RC ones.

The Boston Red Sox

One of the best ways to welcome spring in Boston is to go watch a Red Sox game at Fenway! The Club organized a pregame nearby before the game. After, we went to the beautiful stadium and had a beer or pretzel, some of the Fenway classics!

Wine & Paint Night

Paint night was a blast. Definitely an activity you should try at least once in your life. The concept is simple: a professional paint teacher came to campus, in one of the common room and taught us how to paint an image, step by step. We all had the same image to paint, but the results were so different from one and another!! And wine!!! Don’t forget about it! 😉

High Tea at the Taj

We had a lovely afternoon sipping tea at one of the most beautiful hotel in Boston: The Taj. Partners could choose from a variety of high-end tea and savor finger food and delicate pastries. Everything was delicious and very fancy. Partners have a tough life 😉

tea taj 1

Valentine’s themed party

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we gather in the SFP common room to enjoy hot chocolate, wine and lots of sweets! We were quite unlucky with the temperature, because it was one of the worst snow storms of the winter, so a lot of partners out of campus were not able to make it. Fortunately, partners and students living on campus join us and it turned out to be a really nice night!

Welcome back to campus!

We were so glad all our friends are coming back to campus! We welcomed the New Year and new term on February 2nd in One Western Avenue Common room.

This evening was special for Partners’ Club because we also had the admitted students and their partners joining us as guests. As well as catching up with everyone after the break, this was a great opportunity to meet our potential future members and future friends and tell them about life at HBS.

Movie Night

The 89th Academy Awards (also known as The Oscars) ceremony honored the best films of 2016 and took place on February 26th, 2017.

Nominations were announced on January 24th, 2017. This gave us time to catch up on all the nominated films. We started doing it at the Partners Club Movie Night on January 13th!

Some of our friends were still traveling, but many people were able to join to enjoy good company, popcorn, and a great movie. It was perfect for this snowy January evening.