CozyKin (Marketing Strategy & Acquisition Manager)

Job Description

Airbnb for Childcare: Families Sharing Great Nannies.
America faces a massive shortage of quality infant childcare. The average daycare has an 8-month long waitlist. CozyKin is every expecting family’s first choice for infant childcare. Expectant parents secure amazing CozyKin childcare within 3 weeks, 10x faster than daycares. Parents are choosing us over the neighborhood’s best daycares due to our Montessori program, continuous training and care management. Learn more at
We’ve been growing 31% every month since launch. We’re looking for someone to push that even further. Lead our marketing and branding strategy to acquire our next 1000 customers. Test and deploy across both online and offline marketing channels to secure Boston’s entire childcare market, neighborhood by neighborhood. Draft plans for our entry into New York City and San Francisco.
We have 100% focus on nurturing every baby’s full potential, every mother the choice to return to work, and every middle-class family peace of mind.

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Compensation: To Be Discussed


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