Writing Assistance – Harvard Law School

 Job Description 

Heidi K. Gardner, PhD has published several articles in Harvard Business Review, American Lawyer, and similar high-end trade publications. 

Heidi K. Gardner, PhD is looking for help with a number of writing projects, primarily in support of new book that will launch in January.  The book, called Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos, is a mix of research findings, social science explanations, and how-to advice for professionals and leaders of their firms who want to foster greater collaboration amongst partners.

Time Commitment: Flexible

Compensation: To Be Discussed (variety of payment models :by the piece, the hour, etc.)

Overview of Responsibilities:

The work mostly involves converting existing text (parts of the book, other articles or book chapters) into “fresh” material for both digital and print media. Generally, the projects do not involve very tight deadlines or quick turnarounds. There is some options: work on a single piece, or ideally on a series of writing projects.

Contact: Please email hgardner@law.harvard.edu
Heidi K. Gardner, PhD, Distinguished Scholar, Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession