Club Fair 2017




DATE SEPTEMBER 6, 2017, 4:00PM-6:00 PM

Every September, the MBA Student Club Fair provides HBS students and partners the opportunity to interact with the leaders and representatives of the student clubs all in one location. Students and partners are able to learn more about the benefits and clubs’ activities.

Student Clubs (there are more than 70 clubs at HBS) are a big part of the HBS experience. Clubs organize events such as workshops, speakers, and conferences that provide opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing for partners and students outside of the classroom.

First-year students may not join a club, pay dues to a club, or take on significant leadership roles with a club until the day after the Club Fair.

After Club fair most students and partners feel a bit overwhelmed and excited by various clubs’ proposals and want to sign up for 5-10 clubs immediately. Nevertheless, it is worth to remember that clubs charge membership fees and every club is a time commitment, thus  you will have to prioritize.

In real life, you would be able to actively participate only in 2-3 (maximum 4) clubs each year. We all have so many professional interests and hobbies and it might be difficult to decide which clubs are the best fit for you. While most clubs might be interesting for you and you will be more than welcomed to join, the majority of the clubs are focused on students and their career development.

The Partners Club and Crimson Parents clubs are the only 2 clubs offered FOR partners and BY partners. Participating in a partners-run club can be a great way to meet some of your closest HBS friends, who will support you and who will share similar feelings and interests all the way through your life. The Partners Club Committee makes a lot of efforts and spend enormous amount of energy to create an amazing experience for you and fulfill your year with all these incredible events and valuable support!

Talking about clubs’ dues, you need to see the whole picture and what a club has to offer back.

In The Partners Club, your dues subsidize costs of social events, outdoors activities, orientation events and information sessions, master classes and many more! The Partners Club two-year membership is only $200 for your ENTIRE family. It could look like a lot, but it is not!
This breaks down to be $50 per person (you and your student-partner) per year which is comparable to many other clubs’ dues (or even less than some of them).

We really look forward to meeting you at the Club Fair and wish you to become a part of our fantastic community this year!