Prospective​ partners


    The Partners’ Club is comprised of husbands, wives, fiancés, fiancées, girlfriends, and boyfriends from around the world. All of you are welcome to join the club. The Partners’ Club organizes social, cultural, and informational activities for its members. This year we had the Movie night, Christmas party, Career and development info sessions, Valentine’s party, Wine and paint night and many other amazing events.

But it is not all about parties! Most importantly, the HBS Partners’ Club is here for you! As partners, we share a common bond in that we all have had many questions, concerns, and excitement regarding our transition to HBS. This section of the Partners’ club website is dedicated to prospective partners. It contains helpful information for students and partners in your transition to Boston and HBS.

Advice for incoming partners


“Enjoy the ride! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make this experience just as much about you as it is for your partner. HBS has a lot to offer partners as well, so take full advantage!”  Meghan Grisell, Partner, Class of 2018

“Find other partners with similar schedules/life demands and befriend them. If you have kids, find partners with kids. If you have a demanding job, find other partners with demanding jobs. Having people that understand what you’re trying to juggle was key to getting the most out of this experience.”

Kai Peters, Partner, Class of 2017




“Be open-minded and enjoy all new opportunities and activities!”

Maude Archambault, Partner, Class of 2018


“Join some clubs or volunteer as a Partner Rep for your section. There are so many opportunities to shape your the experience here. Participating in the community is very rewarding.” 

Kristin Boyce, Partner, Class of 2017



“Invite people over for small group dinners on a regular basis, so you and your partner can get to know people better. Try to live on campus as you will be in the center of HBS social life! Also you will  have an opportunity to see your partner much more often than if living off-campus.”

Olga Vasileva, Partner, Class of 2018



“Make friends, and it will change your life.”

Miho Fujii, Partner, Class of 2018