How busy will my student be during his or her first year at HBS?

The HBS experience will be different for every student and partner. However, most people find the first year to be extremely busy with academics, getting to know your classmates, clubs, and other activities. It is up to you and your student to prioritize and balance your time.

Should I live on or off-campus?

This question is really hard to answer. This is such a personal decision. We know a lot of partners who enjoyed their life on and off campus.

The best thing about living on campus is the proximity to everything: friends, activities, Spangler (food, post-office, etc.), the Health Clinic, Shad (sports), etc. Your student will love the short commute to class as well.

The best of living off-campus would be the proximity to restaurants, bars, grocery shops. You can also escape the “HBS bubble” more easily. If you have animals, it might be easier to find a pet-friendly apartment off-campus.

Do some of HBS families have pets?

Concerning the pet-friendly apartment, they are very rare on campus. Especially because some buildings are under renovation, we have less and less pet-friendly apartments. We would really suggest seeing with Harvard Housing how many pet-friendly places they still have available.
Also, some partners & students have had a permission to have a dog at their place for medical reasons. You can learn more about pet-friendly apartment here.

What is the cost to join Shad Hall (Fitness Facility) as a partner?

For the year September 2016 – August 2017 Shad Hall membership fee for partners was $396. Fees are pro-rated throughout the year ($363 for 11 months,  $330 – 10 months and so on) so please stop by our reception desk or call 495-6060 for the current rates and membership information.

Also, you can find additional information about Shad Hall here.

How can HBS help me with my career?

Partners have access to career resources at HBS. You can find information here.

Are partners able to earn certifications through Harvard? i.e Project management, business-related, etc?

Partners are welcome to sit in on a class for a day with their student. So you can do it couple times but you will not be able to earn certification. Harvard Extension School probably the only one option to earn certification through Harvard. You can find more information about it on the website.

You can find some useful information about education in the Boston area here